Cultivated in all countries with mild climate. Lemons are another fruit of the citrus family. They are used extensively in cooking and may be eaten raw. They are served with vegetables or fish and also used in making vinaigrette. They are used in jams because of the high pectin content in their seeds. 

Benefits: Lemons can strengthen the body. They have appetitive characteristics and are good for the problems relative to digestive system. They serve as diuretics. While lemons can prevent arteriosclerosis and embolism, they can also clean blood and simplify the blood flow. They have disinfectant effect. While lemons can decrease problems such as cold, flu and cough, they are also good for the cases of food poisoning and bug bite. 

Shipping: Road, Sea, Air 

Packaging: Carton box, plastic box, bag with different sizes. 

Types Of Lemon & Seasons:
Interdonato: September - January
Lamas: November - April 
Yatak: May - August