Fresh Orange: Oranges are members of the citrus family. Orange trees grow around Mediterranean where the average temperature is between -3 oC and 23 oC. Under perfect growing conditions one single orange tree can produce 500-600 fruits. Oranges are globes of sectioned juice that may be eaten for their fiber and high vitamin content. 

Fresh Orange Exporter: Benefits of oranges are rich in nutritional value. They form an important source of ascorbic acid. As oranges, containing various vitamins, are particularly rich in Vitamin C, they are the perfect medicines for flu, cold and common cold. 

Shipping: Road, Sea, Air

Packaging: Carton box, plastic box, bag with different sizes. 

Types Of Oranges & Seasons:
Navel: November - June
Valencia: December - April 
Navelina: November - February 
Lanalate: February - June