Pomegranates are plants requiring a mild climate. They are perennial, multi-stemmed, densely-branched and global plants in the form of a bush having a strong root system. The edible fruit is a berry and is between a lemon and a grapefruit in size. The pomegranate has a thick reddish skin with small encapsulated juice sections inside. According to the various flavor of sweet, mildly sour or sour species, the taste and color of pomegranates can vary. Pomegranate plants have a broad ability of adaptation. Despite being a tropical or subtropical plants in general terms, they can tolerate temperatures below -10 oC. 

Benefits: Pomegranates can ease the feeling of thirst. As they have energizing effect, they can relieve fatigue. Pomegranates are rich in vitamin C, iron and potassium. 

Shipping: Road, Sea, Air 

Packaging: Carton box, plastic box, bag with different sizes. 

Season: Aug - Dec

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