Smaller than oranges mandarin is a citrus fruit which is round or flat, yellow-orange in color. The juice of a mandarin is sweet. Mandarins have peel which is thinner than that of oranges and they can be peeled more easily. However, compared with oranges they are considerably less durable.

Benefits: Mandarins can clean the blood. They have protective effects against cardiac and vascular diseases. While mandarins to decrease the level of cholesterol and high blood pressure, they also have therapeutic effects on arteriosclerosis. Those who suffer from insomnia are recommended to eat 1 or 2 mandarins after dinner.

Shipping: Road, Sea, Air

Packaging: Carton box, plastic box, bag with different sizes.

Fresh Mandarin Exporter - Types of Mandarins & Seasons:
Okitsu: September
Satsuma: October - January
Fremont: December - February
Minneola: December - March
Nova: December - April
Robinson: November - December